About Catch Me Cupid

Catch Me Cupid started as a weekly event in 2009, founded by Siobhan Copland, on the back of experience of organising socials for high end professionals and celebrities in London, and returning from a 2 year stint in Dubai. Further to the success of her speed dating events, CMC as a brand developed into an online dating site. At the request of her high profile contacts, she began offering a more bespoke and discreet service for introducing people. Demand grew and CMC then became a full time service, catering to high profile celebrities and professionals in London, Dubai, LA and Moscow. Siobhan lives in London with her partner and baby daughter. 

About our Members

Our clients are what can be described as aspirational, discerning individuals who prefer a discreet way to meet new people, who match what they're looking for. They have worked hard to achieve a high quality of living, and desire a partner who is also driven, has a positive mental attitude, ambition and the desire for a loving partnership.

Our members are from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and professions ranging from Accountants, Doctors, Marketing Managers to FTSE CEO's and entertainers. 

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